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Sunday, Sept. 21, 2008 - 1:55 P.M.

What I Did...

So. It's been a while, hasn't it? Less than a handful of posts in the last year. Shameful on my part. I apologize. Let me bring you up to speed.

This past May I graduated. I have my second master's degree, this one in school administration. I got out of Concordia University with a 3.85 GPA. I've taken the exams I need to take and filled out the forms I need to fill out and I am now fully certified and approved by the State to be a school principal. Heehee. How scary is that?

Most everything else is the same. I've updated my cast page to reflect what's going on there. Oh yeah. I jumped back on the wagon in January and have managed to lose 56 pounds. My last official weigh-in was 180.0 but my own little digital buddy has me lower. The folks I work with have been amazed and so they formed an at-work Weight Watchers group, and I am like their HERO, which means they look to me for guidance and CRAP! If I slip now I will be so humiliated!

My doctor gave me an option of bypass surgery and I nearly freaked out on him. For the love of God, why would he even think I am a candidate. BIG CLUE: I don't stop eating when I feel full. Helloooooo...making the belly smaller wouldn't stop me. I'd be one of those idiots who go through it and then rupture it. Sorry if I insulted anyone with that statement, but really. You MUST know yourself before you enter into any kind of procedures, don't you think? So, I already lost over 50, so I know I can lose another 50. It should be easy.

What's making it a little hard is that MOTH started this journey with me. We support each other and make each others lunches and we both like that part a lot. But he's not been successful because he doesn't journal or write down every bite he puts in his mouth. So he snacks...and I don't. But I WANT to. We are going to the movies in a ew minutes to see Ghost Town. This is HUGE for me, because in the past I'd say Fuck it, I want popcorn WITH the butter. But, I've already spent my weekly points (I sear, no one can make a visit to Sweet Tomatoes Salad Bar point-heavy but me!). I don't WANT to go over my points anymore. I worked too hard to get this far and slipping just isn't funny. I have to say "no" to some of my old impulses. If I don't i will just balloon back up. And, in case you were too lazy to do the math, I'd puffed back up to 236.6 before embarking on this latest journey. It didn't take too long before my knees and my back thanked me. I now am able to walk great distances without pain. I can exercise. I can wear clothes from a store like Kohl's in petite sizes so the shoulder seams on my blouses don't hit me at the elbow. I can wear shoes other than my New Balance 911 Walkers (which I still love and wear most of the time).

Now that I have no classes to take, no papers to write, and I have removed my gel nails so I can type, I will be posting again. I miss it. Hope you missed me too.

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