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2001-08-15 - 3:16 p.m.

In the beginning...

Day Zero: 212 pounds, more than I weighed over 14 years ago when I gave birth to twins. I am at my all time life high (in weight, not mood).



At 5'0" i show every pound, i show every ounce. My fingers are fat. My hands turn red when i walk, and they are puffy. My knees scream out in pain. My ankles crack. Forget about my back! Shit, i wear a woman's 5 1/2 or a a child's size 4, so there is a LOT of pounds per square inch happening.

Exercise gives me hives.

Diet makes me shake (so does caffiene, but I drink it anyway).

I have joined a health club.

I take a glucosamine/condroitin cocktail every day.

I am going to buy Xenadrine (I think).

I am going to lose weight.

I will either die trying, or die failing. Either way ~shrug~ does anyone care?

(5:44 P.M.)
Well, it took my damn near all day to get the colors and pictures I wanted on this diary without actualy paying for the upgrade. I am a self-taught HTML person. I am going to cook dinner now, just to make mayself look and feel worse. Although the problem is that I am a very good cook.

(7:50 P.M.)

Man of the house got home late tonight, so instead of making something really good but fattening, I made some really shitty and fattening. Beef and Nacho Cheese bites with a tasty side dish of warm tortilla chips covered with melted Colby and Monterey Jack cheeses. Washed it down with Hawaiian Punch. It's refreshingly fruity.

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