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Sunday, Oct. 05, 2008 - 11:08 P.M.


Mutha fucka.

I don't even believe what I witnessed. The Dodgers did not win. The Cubs lost. No, I take that back. he Cubs handed it away. they didn't play, they slept. I have only one explanation for what happened. You can take all of that "curse of the goat" crap and shove it up you asses. There is no curse. I believe the only explanation is that they were payed to lose. There isn't any other explanation for that collective group of talented superior sportsmen to come out and fall asleep on the field. Every ticket holder deserves to have their money refunded.

And come next year, I will have lost my anger and hope will replace it. And no doubt, I will again be crushed. That's what being a Cubs fan is all about.

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