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Saturday, Oct. 04, 2008 - 7:39 A.M.

Guilty, Stupid

Karma: 13 years to the day since O.J. was allowed to get away with murdering Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman, he was found guilty on 12 charges including armed robbery and kidnapping and led out of the courtroom in shackles. He faces 15 years to life for the kidnapping charges as well as a minimum of at least another 10 years in prison for conspiracy to commit robbery, burglary, robbery, assault and coercion. The poor shmuck who was tried along side O.J. was also found guilty.

Surprise: His attorney will appeal. Well, I guess that's his right. It seems moot since they have his voice on tape leading the numbnuts he hired to carry out the felony. Hmmmm, any bets on the grounds for that appeal? Of course! There were no blacks on the jury. What the hell! First of all, why would the prosecution even let that happen, since they HAD to know it would be his grounds for an appeal if found guilty. But really, what the hell difference does it make? Are we actually saying that black jury members would ignore the evidence because they wouldn't want to convict "one of their own?" Did that sound offensive? It should. It's offensive for them to play the race card. His voice on the tape rang out: "Don't let anyone leave this room!" Done deal, O.J. You can put purple people on the jury, but that's kidnapping by law. Period.

What a freaking mope. He got away with murder. He had a chance to walk around a free man. Despite being found guilty in civil court, he gave up nothing the court ordered him to give up in recompense for the death of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman. Ron's parents had no recourse but to try and make O.J.'s life a living hell. Yes, his professional career ended. Every attempt O.J. made to make money or be in the public eye was thwarted by Fred Goldman. That's all he could do to the man who murdered his son.

None of those things, though, kept O.J. from playing golf, going out to eat, dating, screwing thin blond Nicole look-alikes, smoking cigars... He got away with murder and had a chance to live outside of the penal system. He is so freaking arrogant that he thought the law didn't apply to him. So rather than breathing a sigh of relief and moving on with his second chance in life, he decided that he could bully people into giving him what he wanted, using thugs and guns in the process. And he apparently felt he, O.J. Simpson, could get away with it.


So, way to go, pin-head. Way to take your second chance and squander it. The only good thing here is that the trial and appeal process will cost you plenty of money and you may have to give up some of the things you were supposed to give up to meet your previous court ordered obligations. This will cost you plenty out of pocket. And you won't be able to shrug off this sentence, you won't be able to not comply. You won't be able to put your feet up in your big leather comfy chair and blow smoke rings and sip brandy. You won't be able to see your kids and family whenever you want. You finally will have to atone for what you've done, and your name will not save you.

Shame on you for what you did with your life.

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