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Monday, Sept. 22, 2008 - 7:29 P.M.

My Platform

With November creeping up on us, I am taking this moment to officially state my preference for the election and encourage everyone to get up off their butts and not only vote, but do your duty and learn about the candidates so you can vote with your brain cells. In other words, pay no attention to the words coming out of the Hollywood big-headed egotistical loud mouths like Matt Damon and Chevy Chase and John Stewart and Oprah and do your own research and make up your own minds and then vote for that candidate.

Frankly, I believe that the American people have spoken and have clearly announced that they will no longer support the war in Iraq. Our next president will have the task of ending the war and begin bringing our troops home. I believe John McCain has the experience to end the war responsibly so as not to waste and discredit every life lost. I believe he is the man who has the respect and knowledge necessary to keep us safe from terrorists. I believe he takes the threats against our country seriously. I like that he has a plan to secure our borders and deal with the resolution of undocumented and illegal aliens which are depleting our country's resources like schools and health care. It's a wonderful notion to provide all things for all people regardless of citizenry, but I am not willing to foot the bill. Sorry.

I don't believe the Government should be involved with ending poverty, and I don't care to live in a socialist country. It's a noble idea, but it isn't the role of our Federal Government (and frankly, our government has made a pretty big mess out of anything it tries to run, so I don't want to hand my health care over to them!). So McCain gets my vote.

Please notes that I have not slammed the other candidate. I could. I won't. I want to support my choice, not spend time talking about the other. Also, please note that I am concentrating on the Presidential candidate. I admire McCain's choice for his running mate, but the frenzy over Sarah Palin should end so we can concentrate on issues. I love her, sorry if you don't like that. I love the fact that since she has been announced there has been a non-stop no-holds-barred mission to uncover all the dirt and disgraceful and unethical acts she might have hidden...and they have come up with nothing. Nothing! I refuse to get into any discussions that compare her with Obama. She is running as the vice presidential candidate. Remember?

I can't help but point out one other thing that has been tossed at me. There is some idea that McCain might have a grabber, due to his age, and that makes Sarah Palin a possible president. True. However, if Obama should win this election, I cannot help but think that there is some stupid ass white cracker out there somewhere who will feel somehow threatened by a black man in office and feel that it is his duty to take hime out. Horrible thought. But sadly viable. So, would I rather have Sarah Palin or Joe Biden as my president in the event of the worst case scenario? Seriously? Joe Biden???? Ok, I said I wouldn't bad mouth anyone, so I am going to leave it at this: I would rather have Sarah Palin than Joe Biden as vice president and as president.

That's it. I just hope people get out and vote. I hope people will make up their own minds and not listen to the media and the Hollywood self-righteous dumb-asses who think their opinions matter more than mine...

...and I hope McCain and Palin win!

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