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Friday, Oct. 03, 2008 - 2:36 P.M.

Put Me In, Coach!

For the love of Peter and Paul (throw in Mary for good measure) and all things holy, can you PLEASE tell me what the hell!!!! Don't give me any of that "curse of the cubs" crap, I'm not buying it. I know WHY we lose in the playoffs, I just don't know WHY THE COACHES DON'T!

Ok, Lou...listen really closely while I scream in your ear (your EAR, not your rear!). Ready? Lean in....


Seriously! This team has been amazing all year long. They hit great, they pitch great, they rally at the end, they come from behind. So why, when a team is doing everything right, do you feel the fucking need to mess with the recipe? WHY give them time off to rest? They didn't rest all season! They didn't even get an all star break because so many of them were on the team! So for the love of everything mentioned above, CUT THE CRAP! Put your starting lineup in place, just as it's been all year. Keep your pitchers in the rotation you've had all year! Our boys have won 3 in a row dozens of time this season, on the road as well as at home. We can do this if you will just let them...MAKE the team they've been all year. If we manage to pull this series off, make them practice every ding-donged day! No more "resting!"

The players haven't changed. The managing of those players has, so GET YER ASS IN GEAR, Lou, or...PUT ME IN!

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