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Monday, Nov. 03, 2008 - 8:31 P.M.

VOTE 2008!

Seriously. Tomorrow is it, I hope. I suppose there may be a temper tantrum or two thrown if some Hollywood brat's candidate doesn't win...they don't seem to understand the whole electoral college thing, and perceive a loss as being cheated. I hope we don't have to relive that American embarrassment.

But, we do have another one. A MAJOR embarrassment. That is the candidate who is slightly in the lead. Yeah, I mean Obama. What a crock of crap his candidacy has been. Can anyone really feel confident that they want a man in office who never, not for one day, had any executive experience? Really. The highest office in our country to a man with NO experience. A man who has promised the entire country all kinds of goodies and wonderful things including lower taxes...and just HOW will this be accomplished? Do you REALLY think this country is going to be bankrolled by the rich? For how long, do you suppose, will the rich hold the brunt of the financial responsibility that this benevolent, naive, amateur has out forth as his "plan?" SERIOUSLY!

A man who doesn't know what to do besides campaign. Remember when the hurricanes hit and all the flooding hit New Orleans? McCain's response? He and Palin went there and rolled up their sleeves and helped. That's what experienced public servants do. Obama? He stayed on the campaign trail. That's what he knows. Which sounds like the response of a leader? Oh, and when the market crashed? McCain wanted to go WITH Obama back to Washington, roll up the short sleeves, and hammer out a strategy to recover. Obama? He couldn't put the debate on hold, he felt that it was more important for America to see him on television than to see him actually at work. I suspect it's because he doesn't know how to work. He only knows how to campaign.

I don't give a rat's ass about where Obama was born, I'm sure it was all checked out before he was given the nomination (although I have this feeling that if Bush had been born under the same circumstances, the republicans would have been accused of cheating). I don't care about the candidate's race, I don't care about age or religion. I care about what they have DONE and more importantly, I care that the man in office has some experience with SOMETHING other than campaigning. I don't care about pretty boy looks, I care about character. I don't care about finesse in public speaking, I care about character in the face of adversity. I care about dedication to my country.

So frankly, I don't get how Obama got this close. I hope he gets no closer. We'll see in about 24 hours.

Folks, vote. Even if it is for this guy who has no business running for this office. I don't get it. I don't think I could sway a single vote at this late hour. I opposed this vote early thing, too. I will be casting my vote tomorrow, along side my husband, on election day, at our precinct. I hope John McCain, an honorable man with experience who knows that that the financial crisis is but ONE of the serious issues our country faces, will be my next President.

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