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Wednesday, Sept. 24, 2008 - 9:30 P.M.

Who Knew?

Who the hell does ABC think they are, deeming this "NATIONAL Stay at Home Week." First of all, do they even have the authority to do that? And more importantly, WHY THE HELL WAS I NOT INFORMED?!?!?!?

Imagine my surprise as MOTH and I sat here watching Dancing with the Stars, and finding out during a commercial that I was in breach of a national celebratory week? I mean, ABC is a pretty large entity, and they have deemed this week stay-at-home, I think we should listen! So then why was I not informed and more importantly, why am I reporting to work???? Why am I not sitting on my couch, enjoying the TIVO'd goodness of Dancing? Can anyone get enough of Kin Kardasian's mammoth spandex encased ass? I know I can't. i need a whole week to recover from three consecutive nights of it. And frankly, I am going to need several days off in order to cope with my Thursday night viewing.

Not even TIVO knows what to do with my Thursday nights. First, at 7pm, Ugly Betty can kiss my ass. I never watched that show, but the season premiers of My Name is Earl(7-8pm) and Survivor(7-9 pm) are on at the same time. It gets really dicey at 8 when The Office (8-9 pm) premiers AND Gray's Anatomy (8-10pm). THEN...CSI comes on from 9pm-10pm. BASTARDS. Because the networks dick around by starting shows a minute early or late, we had to tweak the TIVO to begin a minute early on each show and go three minutes late (I cannot tell you how many times I've had the last minute lopped off a recorded program!). This means I have to choose 2 programs. I can record one while I watch another, but I cannot record two and watch a third. WHAT AM I TO DO???

I need this week off, man. And ABC says I'm entitled to it, even if they didn't have the class to tell me personally.

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