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2001-08-18 - 1:11 p.m.

The Word is out!

The word is out!

I vacillated on whether to inform people I know about this here diary. I thought it might make me feel a tad...inhibited. Right. As inhibited as a nudist alone in a dark closet. I decided that i needed at least a part-time audience to begin with. That hit-counter down there at the bottom of the page can be demoralizing if it doesn't go up at all, and I've blocked out my own IP# so I can't make the numbers go up! Actually, I'm quite please with my small little personal audience. We'll see how I feel if readership picks up. Exhibitionism is surely easier if you're attractive! I'm cringing a little bit that I put my weight out there for everyone to see, but oh well. It's done.

I have the house to myself today. The kids went to their dad's, and MOTH (Man Of The House) is away at a boat show to dream...without me. ~snif~ I might walk to the mailbox and return all of the "Barbie" books that my 17 year old son's friend signed him up to receive. I am a bad mom, because I think I should be pissed about getting these books, but I think it's freaking funny. Good one!

I have had some kind of intestinal war happening over the past few days. Anyone else would have lost, oh, at least 5 pounds. But I'm not going to give the digital bastard the satisfaction of gloating over me. I'll just assume that what others would have lost, I have gained.

I need to have my ring cleaned and adjusted. Perhaps I'll try another mall and see what new demoralizing events await me.


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