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Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2009 - 11:01 A.M.

King B.O.

Well, the crown is now in place and we have a King of the United States. The King of reform, the King of financial responsibility. And his tab for today's coronation? A mere 160-170 Million dollars. Yeah. And his campaign funds will pay for not even 1/3 of it. Some reformer. Same ol' same ol'.

And let's hear it for good ol' Justin Timberlake who says he can now "strut" because he's proud to be an American. Good for you, Justin. I, for one, have always been proud to be an American, despite colossal efforts all of my life to oppress that pride. Suddenly we can be proud? Why is that? Because a black man is now in office? A man who, I'll bet any amount of money, played down his color until recently when it became his ace.

This great orator, who couldn't even enunciate in correct order the oath of office, he couldn't even REPEAT them in order! Sure, I could cut him some slack, but what would be all over the news tonight if it had been Bush who stumbled over his oath? Hmmmmmm?

Tomorrow we will awaken, and we will have the same issues that we had yesterday. We will have seen that despite Oprah's assertions to the contrary, B.O. did not walk on water. He didn't feed the massive throng with 2 loaves of bread and 5 fish. The world is the same. It is NOT a "new day." It is the same. No miracle occurred today. A man was elected to the presidency as it has been for the last 43 terms. A man. A man who promised anything and everything he could to get in that office. That he is black is really no concern to me, because I do not judge people by color. To say he is anything special because he is black is nothing short of racism and shame on you who celebrate for that reason.

Despite what it might look like, I wish him well. I wish that no 911 falls in his lap during his first year in office. I hope that the country who rally behind him now won't lose interest and turn on him like they did Bush following the first victory over Afghanistan when they no longer liked what they heard. He claims right now that unpleasant decisions will have to be made. I wonder who will stand behind him when they feel his pinch.

I have stood by this country when I had no respect for the "man" in the White House, and by that I specifically mean Bill Clinton. I don't respect B.O. He's already proven himself to be a liar. But the country is in a frenzy now, and won't call it that. It's "reality." He promised too much. Either because he is a bold faced liar or he doesn't have the experience needed for the office.

I will continue to love my country. I will continue to fight B.O.'s efforts toward socialism and government control of our economy. I will continue to work hard to advance myself and my family and provide an independent future for my retirement. I will resist his attempts to take more from me to spread it out to those who haven't worked as hard. I'll likely lose that battle, but I will fight it.

And I hope to God above that one day I will recant what I've said here. I would love to be wrong. He's got a lot of proving to do for my confidence. And he isn't doing a thing toward that by marketing himself as anything more than a man, no different than any other man who has lived in that White House before him, who will do what he thinks is right for this country.

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