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Monday, Nov. 10, 2008 - 5:46 P.M.

How It Should Be Done

While the country continues to swoon over the new messiah, aka the "Big White House B.O," I wonder if anyone will remember how different it was for our current Leader, President Bush. It's so easy to jump on the bandwagon of bashing our President. The democrats are all about criticizing and bitching and whining and pointing fingers at bad ol' W. The faults of the world lie at his feet, dontcha know.

I have been listening all day to the news, about how our President has been briefing the big B.O., giving him and his wife access to the Oval Office. You know, the way it's supposed to be.

But do you remember, eight years ago, how our current President was sabotaged by the democrats and spoiled whiners, the liars of the previous abomination, er I mean administration? Normally a newly-elected President is provided a transition office the day after the election. George W. Bush was allowed to use his just 36 days before being sworn in as President, or less than half the transition time allowed other Presidents-elect. Clinton was too busy trashing the White House to fulfill his duties to transition the next leader. he was to busy wiping the runny nose and stained ass of Gore who was too little of a man to accept the fact that he hadn't won the election. This not only stalled the transition process, but also the naming of a cabinet, strategic planning, and important briefings. No one blames Clinton for this fact.

McCain, in his concession, which was delivered the night of the election, not months afterward, demonstrated class, honor, experience, and the qualities I believe our President should have: respect for the office, and a need greater than his own personal ego for the American people. Clinton never had that. Gore never had that. They crippled President Bush as best they could, and then stood there open mouthed, fingers pointing when the terrorists, who had never received more than a hearty finger shake from them, smashed into our territory and killed our innocent citizens on September 11.

Perhaps if the democraps of the previous administration had done their jobs, both with the terrorists and the newly elected incoming administration, we might have avoided that. We'll never know.

I'm pleased to see that our President and the First Family are affording the Big B.O. the respect and tradition that they themselves were deprived. So far, I'm seeing a whole lot of grace and class coming from the Republicans that no one else seems to notice. I'm not surprised. Thank you, President Bush, for doing your job and making the transition for the next administration far better than the nonsense you got.

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