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Tuesday, Nov. 04, 2008 - 9:53 P.M.

New Math?

I'd like to know how the hell they can be projecting B.O. the winner of, say, Virginia by a margin of 50% to 49% when only 91% of the votes have been counted. Seriously? Does that take into account early votes? Absentee votes? Military votes? If so, doesn't it seem AWFULLY odd that those votes could be accounted for so quickly? Ohio is claiming B.O. and less than half of the votes are counted, by a narrow margin of 51%-47%! What the fuck? Don't give me that shit about exit polls, that's bullshit, it's not fact. Something is very very suspicious here. I'm not pulling the Democratic whine-song "THEY'RE CHEATING!" It's going both ways, I'm just saying that it makes no sense that a winner can be declared when less than 1/2 of the votes are counted and the margin is close. Why isn't anyone questioning this????

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