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2001-08-16 - 1:59 p.m.

Day one...kinda


Ok, I didn't do anything productive toward my goal yet. I began the day with a pot of coffee. About half-way through I decided to add in two pieces of toast. Not just ordinary crappy toast. Nope. OatNut bread. Lots of fiber. And just to make that fiber slide through my body more easily, I added real butter to it.



Took the kids out for all you can eat pizza, because all you should eat is not all you can eat. It's 2 pm and I think I need a nap.

In case you are wondering why I have all of this free time to eat and sleep, I teach, and this is like the 1st summer I have had off in more like over 10 years. So BACK OFF MAN! I only have a week left. (and a weak back) Yeah that sucked.

Do you all realize that I need to lose 1/2 of me to be healthy? Jesus H! I can't even begin with baby steps because it is just way too discouraging. I go to sites and read about this person or that losing 3 pounds per week, good Lord. To me, a 3 pound weight loss is a fluke on the scale's part or a healthy crap. I retain 3 pounds of water in my hands! I had a major health scare this past Spring, thought I might have cancer. Underwent major abdominal surgury. First they made me take some poison cruelly named "Go-lightly." Right. Within hours I was crapping up the strained peaches I ate 43 years ago! After the surgery, I ate nothing for days (I.V. fluids only). Ok, sue me, I had a few ice chips! After that, several weeks went by before I really ate more than a few bites of anything. You know what's coming next, don't you.


Cut me in half. I'll never make it.

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